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...Our Full Day Virtual Immersion Event!

Reserve your ticket to get a backstage pass into the BossBabe business ecosystem, and learn our entire framework for the first time ever.

We're pulling back the curtain and taking you behind the scenes of our multimillion dollar company to show you just how easy it can be to scale what you've started when you have the proper systems and strategies in place.

...yes, even in a global pandemic!


Friday, October 30th

10am - 6pm EST / 7am - 3pm PST / 2pm - 10pm BST

2020 has been a challenging year for humanity, not just business owners...

...but why not let your business bring stability and security to the shaky ground we're all on right now?

As we're entering the final quarter of the year, this is your chance to solidify your success and exceed what you thought was possible in your business - this year, and beyond.

Danielle and I will be teaching you all you need to know when it comes to having a profitable, sustainable business.

If you aren't making as much money as you'd like, or your revenue isn't consistently growing month on month, then you need to secure your spot for this full day virtual immersion event...


    If you are purchasing an event ticket, you are committing to attending the live event.
    This is not a webinar you opt-in for and watch the replay of later. This is your chance to be in            the virtual room with Danielle and I, and have all your burning business questions answered.
These Are The Biggest Obstacles We See Entrepreneurs Trying To Overcome...
If you're struggling to solve any of these problems right now, you 100% need to be at Scale Your Next Launch LIVE!
    You are struggling to create momentum in your business, everything is so up and down and you feel like you have no stability.
    You have created a certain level of success but don't know how to scale. You can’t see how to bust through your next upper limit.
    You’re willing to put in the work, you don’t shy away from hard work, but you just can’t seem to get results no matter how hard you try.
    You doubt yourself and your ability to succeed. Deep down you feel like that level success just isn’t going to happen for you.
    You have an underlying fear of being judged and compare yourself to others. It keeps you playing small and you’re not showing up how you know you can.
    You feel disorganized and lacking in structure. You are lacking direction and want to know the exact steps to take. If you have a clear roadmap, you know you can succeed.
   You are tired of trading time for money and feeling like you're winging it. You know there’s another way, and you’re ready to claim it for yourself.


On Friday, October 30th, Danielle and I are going LIVE to show you how we launched and scaled our business to 7 figures+.


On Friday, October 30th, Danielle and I are going LIVE to show you how we launched and scaled our business to seven-figures +.
Want to join us for a full day of business training? 

If you haven't secured your spot yet, go ahead and reserve your ticket by clicking the button below.

We've got an action packed full day planned for you. Yes, you read that correctly, 8+ hours in a deep dive with Danielle and I, fully immersed in systems and strategy.

We're going to walk you through the essential steps you need to take to build a business that makes a difference and goes the distance.

We'll equip you with the specific tools and techniques you need to implement to increase your impact and income, and make sure to hold you accountable for the moves you must make to guarantee everlasting results.

Businesses need the sustainability factor if they're going to secure you the stability you want and need in these uncertain times... we'll be sharing the specifics on how you can future-proof yours!

You'll also be surrounded by a circle of incredible female entrepreneurs just like yourself, who you'll have the opportunity to connect with and collaborate with.

(Did you know that Danielle and I met at an event just like this one? Now look where we are, helping more people and making more money than we ever have before...!)

This is the break you've been waiting for. No exaggeration...

This live event is going to CHANGE THE GAME for you entirely when it comes to the growth and development of your business... grab your matcha latté and come armed with paper and a pen to take down our tips and tricks because we are going to share some serious insider secrets that we've never revealed to anyone in our audience before!


Natalie & Danielle

Please note: you should only purchase a ticket if you have every intention of showing up for the event. This is not something to register for and just plan to watch the replay...

We want everyone who purchases a ticket to be there LIVE so they can get the maximum possible results from the event, as it will be experiential, interactive, and an incredible opportunity for networking!

What Will You Learn?
Want to know what we're teaching before you make a commitment? Don't worry, we've got you.

  The Mindset Secrets of Millionaire Business Owners

Want to know what one thing sets incredibly successful entrepreneurs apart from the rest? Their mindset. We’re going to show you the exact mindset shifts, beliefs and routines that millionaire business owners have, so that you’re able to start building your business from that place.

  The Exact System for Building Influence Online

The key to building an impactful, profitable and scalable business is having a growing audience of ideal clients. Those raving fans who not only buy from you time and time again, but shout about you from the rooftops. We’re going to show you the exact system to building influence and audience online, even if you’re brand new to audience building.

  Your Roadmap to a Consistently Profitable Business

Revenue is important, but profit is QUEEN. We’re going to give you a roadmap that will show you a path to profitability in your business model, so that you’re able to understand your numbers and most importantly, how to make them grow.

  How to Unlock Scale and Automation With Ease

Once you’ve dialed in your audience and revenue growth, it’s time to double down on systems so that your business is working FOR you, and not the other way round. We’re pulling out our spreadsheets to show you our holy grail automations, as well as how to playbook your way to success.

Want Our Proven Framework For Scaling Your Business? Then You've Got To Be There Live...

Success Stories
"When I started with BossBabe I was generating between 2.5k and 5k per month. NOW, I'm at 10-20k per month! Since I joined the program I signed 3 (THREE) new clients and it has brought in $14,000 in revenue!! I started with 4200 followers and now have 4680. My audience has grown 11% since joining the program."

“When I started with BossBabe I was generating between 2.5-5k per month. I didn't even know I needed a launch plan. I felt exhausted and drained. Since I joined OLS I've signed SIX new clients to my program. I am now generating between 5-10k per month. I've increased my followers by 2,000 since joining... from 21k to 23k. I've never done a proper launch and after OLS I filled out EVERY spot. Surprised the most by the personal touch in the program. I felt seen!” 

"Before OLS: throwing spaghetti at the wall when it comes to launching new programs, trying out what works with no real system/ structure behind my launches -> lack of strategy.After OLS: having a biz playbook in place to outsource efficiently and be prepared beforehand in order to have my biggest, yet most chilled out launch ever (going on an extended weekend-getaway only 3 days after launching to spend time with friends). Like whatttt. Sales kept flooding in without me having to hustle hard."

"Since OLS I brought in 25,000 off one launch! This was UNREAL! I am still pinching myself! I managed to sell over half of the people into my program just in DMS or through emails! I had my BIGGEST LAUNCH EVER! $25K. I had the easiest and most fun launch ever! It felt unbelievable, yet extremely empowering, to know that it actually was possible and it didn't have to be hard. I had been burning myself out for no reason!"

"Since joining IGA I have doubled my revenue for my label. More excitingly through the Instagram page, my label was noticed by Cosmopolitan Magazine and they featured us as the top 30 Accessory Labels to watch out for! During the course of the programme I realised that my zone of genius was Instagram branding and analytics. During Covid, as the shoe business was slow I tapped into that and offered to handle the Instagram handle for one brand for free for a month... their posts started going viral in the first week of working together! I was able to organically increase the reach to $29,000 on a post and by the end of the month we had 2,000 brand new buying followers."

"When I started I had launched but with very few sales. My biggest struggles were set up, marketing channels, and feeling overworked. I am now generating between 10-20k per month! I have signed 50 new members and generated 3k in revenue… and I had never done a launch before.

When I started we had 49k followers and now we have 53k, my audience has grown 10% since joining the program. What specifically helped me is the step by step playbook. for pre-launch and posting schedule. understanding top of funnel goals and that asana template was magic to help us stay on track!"

"Since IGA my instagram is now growing at a much faster pace with my ideal followers, and I've cut the time I spend on my profile in half (at least!). I feel like I know intimately which posts will resonate with my audience and gain lots of attention. What's more though, is that my peers are noticing and I'm recognised as a leader in the space (which is important because, I also provide a Mastermind for other Fertility Practitioners such as acupuncturists, naturopaths and Nutritionists). One of my posts has had a reach of more than 50,000 people and multiple posts have gone viral."

"I set up a 12-week course and thanks to OLS, it sold out in 6 days! This was my first official launch that I have done, and by that I mean the first time I applied structure and systems thanks to OLS! I honestly can't believe I had to turn people away!!

I think the structure and the accountability is what I found most helpful and just that everything is out step by step. I really allowed myself to get rid of my own limiting beliefs that I've been battling for YEARS and open up to trusting OLS fully...and I'm SO glad I did.

Total revenue from this launch has scraped just over $27k!!!"

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions...

What time do I need to be there?

“Doors” Open on Friday, October 30th at 9.45am PST.

Do I need to attend all sessions live?

Yes, each session builds from the previous one and trust me, you’re gonna want to be there to work through the exercises live. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to engage with other members and interact with Natalie and Danielle.

Will sessions be recorded?

Yes all sessions will be recorded in case you miss a session!

Am I expected to have my camera on for this event?

We want to see your beautiful face! Come ready to meet like minded women, have the opportunity to chat with Natalie & Danielle, and be seen on our big screen!

Will we have breaks?

Yep! You’ll be sent a full event schedule, which includes energy breaks and an extended lunch break.

Do I need to prep anything?

We’ll be sending you some pre-work ahead of the event, which will consist of videos to watch in order to get you in the best mindset possible for the event. Outside of that, you don’t need to prep anything. We’ll be providing digital workbooks for you to work through during the event.

I’m shy, what if I don’t want to meet people?

Don’t worry! We’ll be taking great care of you. In group settings, each conversation will be guided with question prompts, and you’ll have the ability to opt-out if it doesn’t feel aligned with you.

I’m worried about walking away from this event with too much stuff to do - I’m already overwhelmed!

This event is designed in a specific way for you to be able to implement as you go. We’ll be providing you with workbooks, “get it done” time and a chance to get clear on where you’re going and what you actually need to do. Chances are, we’ll be minimizing that to-do list of yours!

TLDR: You are cordially invited to join Natalie and Danielle, the co-founders of BossBabe, the world’s largest online community of female entrepreneurs, for a full day immersive virtual event.

You’ll be getting in between the temples of millionaire mindset Boss Babes, to learn the exact steps to take to increase your influence and build a business online.

We'll be sharing the specific roadmap you need to follow to make money constantly and consistently, and you'll leave understanding how to automate, delegate and most importantly scale more quickly and easily than you thought was humanly possible.

This is your chance  to reserve your ticket and create massive momentum for Q4 and beyond.

If you're ready to learn from the best in the biz and can commit to being at the event LIVE, drop your details below!

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The Price will DOUBLE soon + these Bonuses will EXPIRE in...

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


The Price will DOUBLE soon + these Bonuses will EXPIRE in...

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds