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How to Plan & Execute Profitable, Repeatable Launches With Our 
4 Step Formula 

I want to invite you to step behind the scenes of BossBabe as we share the secrets to our extremely profitable and repeatable launches. 

Here at BossBabe, we have worked with over 5,000 female entrepreneurs in every industry over the last few years, from brand new business owners looking to make their first $100 to those at the 6, 7, and 8-figure mark. We’ve helped our clients achieve over 8-figures in revenue...

So if you’re looking to hit 6-figures in your launches or scale to 7-figures, we’ve got your back!

The best part? We’ve got a launch strategy that won’t overwhelm or exhaust you.

Join me for a completely free 75-minute live training, where you’ll learn how to launch your business in a way that is both profitable and repeatable.

We launch something every single month at BossBabe – whether that’s a new product, 
a re-launch of an existing product, or a re-opening of our monthly membership...

So we created a rinse & repeat framework to help us hit our revenue goals, whilst maintaining our sleep schedule, sanity, and self-care. I know that sounds way too good to be true, but trust me, launches do not need to be exhausting and confusing.


In this free training, you're going to learn:

How To Create a Major Cash Injection in Your Business 

whilst bringing in ideal clients, hitting your sales goals, and making an impact ❤️

How To Have Consistently SOLD OUT Launches 

ones that you can rinse & repeat every single time 💸

How To Set Up Your Launches Before, During & After

so you can put your feet up, sip a latte, and let your systems do the heavy lifting

How To Create Your Very Own Launch Playbook

so you can step away, delegate to your team, and not do everything alone 😅


Wanna take the guesswork out of launching, so you can bring in ideal clients, hit your sales goals, and SELL OUT your products or services every time?

Hey – I’m Natalie Ellis!

For the first time ever, we are pulling back the curtain to share our BossBabe Sold-Out Launch Playbook with YOU. 😍

In this free 75-minute training session, I’m going to show you how to have incredibly profitable launches that you can rinse, repeat, and SCALE every-single-time. 

without the constant anxiety, burnout, or overwhelm – because trust me, I’ve been there and it isn’t pretty. 

If you aren’t hitting your sales goals, are struggling to find paying clients for your products and services, and feel completely overwhelmed every time you go into a launch, THIS TRAINING IS FOR YOU

I’ve NEVER taught these launch strategies before, so you’re in for a major reveal! Space is limited and the training is first come, first served – so register today and join me.

See you there?



Hosted by Natalie Ellis 
CEO & Co-Founder of BossBabe

This is for you if...

  • ​You don’t have a proven roadmap or strategy to follow when it comes to launching your programs, services, or products;
  • ​Your launches are kind-of working, but they aren’t making you enough sales;
  • ​You feel anxious and overwhelmed during launches and you’re sick of sleepless nights, drinking coffee like it’s water, and being attached to your tech 24/7;
  • You want to learn the specific strategies to having profitable, 6-figure, scalable, and repeatable launches.

Hear from some Boss Babes who took action 
& implemented the principles I’m teaching you…

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