Use our 3 I Formula to achieve your goals for 2022 – both in your personal life + in your business.
So You Want To Get Started In The $100Billion+ 
Creator Economy But You Don't Know How?
In 2020 alone, the creator economy was valued at $143 Billion.

Yes, that’s Billion with a capital B.

Meet Your New Internet Besties

Natalie + Danielle

Hey! We're Natalie and Danielle, the two co-founders behind BossBabe, one of the world's largest communities of ambitious women and female entrepreneurs. We've worked together with 16K+ clients over the last few years and have helped them collectively generate over $8M in revenue. It’s all been possible for us by creating influential brands and building our platform to connect and serve our community of followers. This is such an exciting time of possibilities, so we’re excited to help you get started in the creator economy yourself with 30 Days of Content.
Use our 3 I Formula to finally hit the six-figure mark in your business – in 2022 + beyond.
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You know what they say...

If you're not posting, 
you're not growing

Which is exceptionally frustrating when you're trying to 
grow your Instagram on empty tank of post ideas. 🤔

Take the guesswork out of 
knowing what to post

Luckily, we know a few things about creating let us do it for you. 😉