Learn Exactly How To Make More Money In 2022
even if you’re brand new to business or don’t have your BIZ idea yet
The only six steps you need to take to get unstuck + make more money doing what you love in 2022.

What if 2022 could be different for you?

For so many of us – the last two years have been, well…exhausting. We’ve heard from SO many of you who either...
  • Have been stuck on a hamster wheel for the last two years and have no idea how to press reset + start afresh.
  • Had finally built up the courage to start your business back in 2020, but never took the first step because of the pandemic.
  • Have audacious goals for your existing business, but aren’t willing to pursue them because it feels “too risky”.
  • Are stuck in a corporate job you hate, dreaming of doing your own thing but have no idea how to get out and pursue your passions.
So that’s why we decided to host this free, live training. 

We believe 2022 can be different for you and we’re going to show you how to make that a reality through starting + growing your own business.

If you’re ready to take ownership of your future + create a life you love in 2022, this training is for you!

During our time together, you'll learn:

The exact steps you need to take to make More Money in 2022
Follow our simple, six-step roadmap so you can make more money in 2022. You already have what it takes – this roadmap is your path to making it happen. 
The secret to Defining your Idea + Finding your audience
Tap into what makes your business unique so you can finally start attracting your dream customers + stop worrying where your next sale is coming from.
What you can do right now to start + Grow your business 
Stop wasting your time by spending your energy on the wrong things. We’ll tell you exactly where to direct your focus every day so growing is clear + simple.
Meet Your Host:

Natalie Ellis

Hi, I’m Natalie Ellis – Co-Founder + CEO of BossBabe and your host for this epic free, live training. 

I cannot wait to share this transformational roadmap with you + watch it unlock new levels of success in your business. 

But before we dive in, I want to give you a little backstory…

When Danielle and I first started BossBabe, we had no idea it was going to become a multi-million dollar business + a household name – serving thousands of ambitious women around the world. 

We’re so proud of + in awe of the success we’ve experienced, but let me be very clear – it didn’t happen by chance. We followed a proven, repeatable roadmap that took BossBabe from an idea to a real, eight-figure business

And that’s exactly what I’m sharing with you on this free, live training.

Whether you’re in the idea stage, just getting started or have an existing business you’re ready to take to the next level – this training is for you. 

Real talk: I fundamentally believe you have what it takes to make six figures in 2022 and show up to a job you love every single day – regardless of what your life + business look like right now. 
The only question is: do you believe that for yourself?
If yes – you’re going to want to show up for this one-of-a-kind event because it truly has the power to change everything for you. 

But spaces are extremely limited, so you’re going to want to sign up fast! Click the button below to reserve your seat.. I cannot wait to see you there. 



We've helped THOUSANDS of ambitious women make their first $10k
(or more!) + finally go all-in with their business


In 2021 Alone - 5 Million New Businesses Were Created.
2022 Can Be The Year You Finally Start Your Own.

With the Learn Exactly How To Make More Money In 2022 training, you’re going to be just that much closer to making it a reality. 
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